Our History

New Hope Baptist church began in 1873 as believers met to worship under a brush arbor near the present day sanctuary. Two years later property, including a log building was purchased. J.M. Reid was the first pastor. The cemetery began in 1877; Rev. A. Bonds was pastor. In 1881, the Hamilton Association including five churches in Florida and three in Georgia was organized; New Hope was a member. J.J. Frier served as pastor in 1888 and J.W. Grantham in 1891. Records indicate New Hope had 123 members.
The present sanctuary was built with free labor in 1907. The lumber, a dollar a wagon load, was hauled from West Lake Mill by mule and wagon. J.T. Herring served as pastor in 1908, followed by R.E. Parnell, A.J. Young, J.A. Pearson, and E.T. Todd. Records indicate that the salary in 1919 was a hundred dollars a year. In 1913 the minutes indicate other organizations within the church; W.L. Overstreet was pastor.
W.H. Holmes served as pastor in 1916, followed by B.A. Geiger, M.J. Fowler, A.N. Woodard, J.E. McClellan, J.L Odom, R. W. Henry, A.M. Parker, L.L. Batts, John Dicks, W.K. Tomkins, Bobby Dykes, J.E. Wade, Frank K. Bennett, M.M. Rowell, Raymond Dykes, Truett Comer, Walter Pitts, Glenn Lawhon, Harold Reams, Norman Brown, Preston Devall, Pat Patton, Jeff Cordero, and Bill Gilmore.

In 1933 WMS (now WMU) was organized with dues of 10 cents a meeting, often raised by selling eggs. The women of the church raised money to pain the inside of the building by selling chickens. The men gave a hog to raise money to paint the outside of the building. In the forties, sheets were hung to divide the sanctuary for bible school. 1950’s the indoor bathrooms and additional rooms were added to the old sanctuary. This space was used for classes and for fellowship space. Also, during the fifties, baptisms was held at swimming pools. In 1975 the fellowship hall was built with kitchen, office, bathrooms, and class space. After its completion, the sanctuary was renovated and the baptismal pool added. During this time the bus ministry was started with an old school bus, later replaced with a van. In 1984 the sanctuary was bricked, the steeple put in place, and a front porch added. The next building project was the construction of the pastorium built by New Hope men on land donated to the church and was completed debt free in 1990. In 2002 ground breaking was held for the new education/office space constructed with the help of Campers on Mission and New Hope Members. After its completion the old fellowship space was renovated, creating a large kitchen and meeting room. In 2007 we had the celebration of a new sanctuary. It took the New Hope Members and a new group of Campers on Mission about 2 years from the time they started the committee to the end of building the sanctuary.

The looks of the buildings have changed, but the membership is, as in the beginning, made up of believers who gather to worship and study the word of God.























Our Pastoral History

J.W. Reid

John M. Caldwell

Pearson F. Ward

A. Bonds

J.J. Frier

J.W. Grantham

J.T. Herring

R.E. Parnell

A.J. Young

J.A. Pearson

E.T. Todd

W.L. Overstreet

W.H. Holmes

B.A. Geiger

M.J. Fowler

A.N. Woodard

J.E. McClellan

J.L. Odom

W.T. Newsom

R.W. Henry

A.M. Parker

L.L. Batts

John Dicks

W.K. Tomkins

Bobby Dykes

J.E. Wade

Frank K. Bennet

M.M. Rowell

Raymond Dykes

Truett Comer

Walter Pitts

Glenn Lawhon

Harold Reams

Norman Brown

Preston Devall

Pat Patten

Jeff Cordero

Bill Gilmore 

Jimmy McCullers

Our Cemetery History